Happy New Year! The past month went well again here at Pikatea. We were able to get many orders shipped out in time for Christmas. Afterwards, we took a much needed 2 weeks off. As much as I liked taking a break, I'm glad to be back to making keyboards and macropads. 


Inventory Manager Machine

Because of the complex assembly options we offer with each macropad, we have a custom inventory manager that controls and monitors our inventory of each of our individual components. Previously this has lived on either my laptop and/or computer but I've started to design a dedicated machine with a Raspberry Pi and attached keyboard. It's kind of like a custom POS build just for Pikatea. The machine keeps track of orders, prints out receipts and and assembly labels. It also runs the software I use for streaming. 

Here is is on my desk (still working on it a little more before it mounts to the workbench wall)

Better Handwire Helpers

The handwire helpers went really well. I ended up making a board for my wife while streaming using them. I'll be making a few more design changes before they go on the store. I'm hoping to have them available on the store late January but it may be early February.


I'm waiting on updated PCBs and parts related to the KP69. I'm hoping to have the final prototype assembled this month. Fingers crossed!


The FinnGus group buy is going well. Printing consistent parts is turning out to be a little harder than expected but that is why we are only making a few a week. The rest of the parts are coming next week. I'll be putting together the assembly guide when I get them and shipping out the first orders at the end of the month.

Streaming Updates


We've gained a lot of followers and I've enjoyed streaming with all of you. I'm getting more and more macropad orders which means more and more content.

Give us a follow if you'd like https://twitch.tv/JackPikatea

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