Pixel Event June 2nd Prize Tier List

If you've won a prize on this list and would like to have a different item that is in the same or lower tier let me know. This is of course dependent on availability. Unless otherwise specified, there is only 1 of each available.

Top Tier

GMK Pixels + Decorations keyset

High Tier

 Peace Tea Macropad


Mid Tier

KP17 Macropad Protoype (2 available)


Giant Printed Oreo (unlimited) 


2x sized macropad - comes with keycaps and knob


Pikatea Macropad GB4 (unlimited)


The Richard Macropad

Low Tier

2x Brass Knobs (unlimited)


Pixel Event Deskmat (unlimited)

The deskmat from https://pikatea.com/mat/place