These are the current keyboards in my collection. Keep in mind I work in a garage so dust/dirt is everywhere. Pls don't judge too hard :)


This is the KP69, A keyboard we plan on launching a group buy for on May 2nd. It's aimed to be very nice quality for the budget price. Gasket mounted, 3D printed shard case. This board is configured like a 60% with 6 extra macro buttons and a knob. White on Black ABS keycaps and Everglide Oreo Switches.


All Aluminum 60%

This is one of my favorites. It's a 60% with Aluminum keycaps by and an black aluminum case. It's a fingerprint and dust magnet though and super duper pingy. I plan on pouring some silicone in it to see if that helps. Invyr Holy Panda Switches.

Iowa Meetup 2022

A QAZ in disguise. I made this board for the 2022 Iowa Meetup and themed around the University of Northern Iowa which is where I graduated from. it's an absolute pain to type on. I'm unsure on the switches but they are clicky and rattly. 3D printed in 2 parts on the Toolchanger to acheive in inlaid lettering.

Fruit Bar

An easy to type on FR4 style 50% with a knob and oled. It's honestly nothing special. I wish I liked it more. Cheap keycaps to complete the cheap kit theme.

Libra Mini

This is a favorite. Acrylic but not stacked, 40% with a knob, Tented and gasket mounted with stainless steel plate, and an Alice style layout. 👩‍🍳💋 Everglide Oreo Switches. I love the none stacked acrylic construction. It's a nice change of pace from other acrylic boards.

FinnGus - (uncomplete)

 I've yet to finish this board, at least the final version of it. Too busy selling them to customers! The plan is to complete this on the subathon stream. 

Grey Gradient 60%

A simple humble 60% with SA grey gradient keycaps. It's rattly and clicky AF.

Unknown 40%

I got this board second hand about 5 years ago. I honestly don't remeber what it is. I has Pink Tactile MOD switches. Underglow and a decent layout. $10 USD store credit

to the first person who can figure out what board this actually is.