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The FinnGus is an alice style cat shaped keyboard kit. Purrrfect for sprawling out on your desk


The FinnGus was inspired by both my cats, Finn and Gus. Like all cats, they seem to want to be a keyboard and lay on your desk whenever you want to work or game. This is a through-hole FR4 keyboard kit with a special 3D printed cat shaped case. Configure the kit to meet your needs.

  • Alice style layout with extra "back leg" arrow cluster and "tail" macros + knob.
  • Multiple layouts supported
  • Type-C USB Connector
  • Through-hole DIY Kit. Detailed assembly guide is provided.
  • Built in wrist rest
  • QMK, VIA and Vial supported
  • 23mm aluminum knob
  • PCB mounted stabilizers
  • 3D printed case in the 35+ filament colors we offer.
  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux.
  • Compatible with Mil-Max hotswap sockets.
  • Tabs on back for mounting onto wall like a picture frame

The case is 3D printed in PLA in 3 parts and then assembled together with included hardware. 

Please note some of the photos show a prototype with a slightly different layout.

  • Right shift will be 2.75u (standard)
  • Knob will be "sunk" into the tail about 10 mm

Easy to Program

The programming is easy thanks to an open source program called VIAL. The interface is easy to use. It lets you control the action of each button press and knob to do whatever you like instantly without flashing new firmware or doing anything complicated. VIA and QMK are also supported

More information on VIAL can be found here. QMK and VIA code is also available.

    Production/Group Buy Timeline

    Group buy is open from 4/21/2022 to 5/21/2022 or until 50 units have been sold. Whichever comes first. (Last round we sold out in 1 week)

    Please note the estimated shipping date near the "add to cart" button. Keyboards will not ship out until they are assembled/kitted. Any in-stock item (like extra knobs, keycaps, etc) purchased along side this item WILL NOT SHIP until this item ships. Emails will be sent out approximately each month to update everyone on the timeline. If delays are to be expected, it will be made known.

    More Timeline Details

    We estimate circuit boards will take at most 1 month to arrive. We will begin shipping orders "first in - first out" after we receive the circuit boards. We will start printing cases right away. We can print about 2-3 cases a week so the first order will likely take about 1 month, while the last order (order 50) may take upwards of 5 months. The estimated production time (near the add to cart button) is calculated based on how many orders we currently have and may not be entirely accurate. 

    Regardless we will do our best to fulfill all orders within 5 months of closing the group buy and any delays will be made known and communicated.

    Stay up to date

    We will send out emails about once a month with details on how the production is going. We will be making more frequent posts in our Discord channel #FinnGus-Keybaord. Assign yourself the "FinnGus" role so that you can be notified.