Macropad1x5 Kit by LS Keyboards and Pikatea

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The Macropad1x5 is designed to be mounted to the underside of a desk or other surface. It's easy to customize the key and encoder functions. We use it for example for media control and as a microphone mute button. This is a DIY kit so it requires assembly which includes glueing and soldering.

  • No added desk clutter - Since it's designed to mount (with included adhesive tape) to the underside of a desk, it's still in reach but also out of the way. Perfect for displaying artisan keycaps too!
  • QMK/VIA/VIAL Support - QMK, VIA, VIAL firmware is supported and a firmware file will be available to download and use. While QMK is a powerful open-source firmware it can be daunting to get started. VIA and VIAL make reprogramming your macropad easy by providing a GUI that instantly changes the function of a key.
  • Full platform support - Works on any platform that recognizes a standard keyboard (Windows, Mac and Linux).
  • Acrylic design - Matte black with a tilted front panel for easy access.
  • Solid aluminum knob - Attached to the tactile encoder (original Alps).
  • Detailed instructions - As this is a DIY kit it requires assembly. Detailed instructions are included (with pictures ;)).
  • Lots of options - Make it yours by choosing from two knob colors and too many keycap colors and switches to list here. You already have a Pro Micro (or compatible board), switches or keycaps? Deselect them and save a buck.
  • Optional backlight - Choose the LED add-on kit to add an LED to each switch (Includes mosfet, resistors, and 4 LEDs).

  • Needed tools - Assembly requires a soldering iron, glue for acrylic and flush cutters. A USB cable is not included.


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