Based in the great state of Iowa, we are passionate about creating anything and everything. What started out as a side project in Jack's dorm room, has grown into a business which specializes in providing macropads, high quality 3D printing services, and many other projects. 

If you are interested in partnering for a small group buy or any other project we are more than happy to hear you. Our mission is to make awesome products and designs.

First Prototype


Meet the Printers

Our 3D printers are printing almost constantly so they deserve some recognition. Each one is unique and was hired bought for a specific purpose in our business.



Prusa is a Prusa i3 Mk3 model printer. We've had it the longest (3 years) and for good reason. Don't tell the other printers but it's our favorite. This printer is our best, fastest, and by far the most reliable printer we have. We use the Prusa to print all Pikatea Macropad Plates since the bottom surface finish is near perfect.

Ender 3


Ender is an Ender 3 pro model printer. It's been a part of our team for 1 year now. It likes to be stubborn and difficult so we don't pay him very much. We mainly hired purchased this printer to offset some of the more repetitive tasks the Prusa was doing and open the Prusa up for more high quality and prototype printing.

Ender 5


Bahonka is an Ender 5 Plus model printer. He's a big guy. Our newest addition to the printer workforce family. Modified with direct drive extruder to match the quality of prints the Prusa has, we hope to use this printer a lot. The print bed is large at 350mmx350mmx400mm, and we use that area to print keyboard cases and other large objects.