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April 2023

The Funky60

The Funky60 is our attempt to mix up the classic 60% layout — with a minimalist design, a great sound/feel, and flexible assembly/layout options. Its a fun funky keyboard sure to draw eyes.

The Layout.

The Funky layout features a flipped 1st and 5th rows. By default, it's programmed as the keys shown except the spacebar and backspace are switched so the thumb is still used for the "space" key.

Each kit comes with a standard 60% layout PCB and plate if you can't handle the funk. Easily interchangable.

The Profile.

Because the 1st and 5th rows are switched, the keycap side profile is different - a scooped front row and reverse slanted top row.


The Mounting.

Enjoy a smooth and satisfying typing feel and sound experience with an O-ring or gasket mounted FR4 plate.

CAD files are provided to assist with custom made plates.

Premium Materials

The case is made from durable 6063 aluminum anodized in a few colors with an accompanying brass backplate.

It's got some heft.

The Daughterboard.

The brains of the keyboard are kept on a daughterboard so that it's easy to swith PCBs and change up layouts.

Pins are labeled to make handwiring a custom layout a breeze.

The Specs.

  • Case: CNC-milled 6063 Aluminum Anodized or E-white
  • Backplate: CNC-milled Sandblasted Brass
  • Plate: FR4
  • Mounting: O-ring or Gasket Mounted
  • PCB: Through-hole Kit daughterboard, through-hole kit matrix
  • Supported Layouts: Funky, Funky ISO, Standard, Standard ISO and more
  • Typing Angle: 7.3 Degrees
  • Dimensions: 310mm x 110mm x 35mm. (22mm front height, 32mm back height)
  • Weight: About 3Lbs assembled
  • Firmware: QMK, VIA, and VIAL compatible - Precompiled
  • Compatible With: Windows, Linux, Mac and more