If you are having issues with using deej with your Pikatea Macropad, this guide will help to figure out if the problem is with the device, or with the software deej. This guide applies to windows only but suggestions for Mac are included.

The goal is to make sure the device's serial commands are properly coming through.

This guide is a WIP.

Getting started

Verify that the device works in it's normal functionality. Disable deej mode and confirm that all the buttons and the encoder works. 

Download Putty

Putty is a powerful windows terminal program. Download it here and install it. 

Find the device's COM port

Open "Device Manager" and under "ports" you'll find Arduino Leonardo with a COM(Number). Mine for example is COM5. Yours will probably be different so remember it. 

Open Putty

Open the putty application and change the connection type to Serial. Change the COM port to the Pikatea Macropad you figured out in the previous step. Make sure the speed is set to 9600. It should look something like this.


Click Open and a terminal like this should appear.

Analyze and Test

The terminal should be displaying serial 5 different values with pipes "|" in between each one. This is how deej recognizes the slider values. On the macropad, hold one of the buttons for a second and then rotate the knob. The value that corresponds with the button should be changing.