April 30th is my birthday and we hit 500 followers so we are doing a Subathon/Birthday stream! I'll be streaming for at least 24 hrs and each sub, follower, bit and order adds time to the stream! We've got a rough planned schedule and lots of rewards/prizes. 


April 29th Noon CST - (who knows when! at least 24hrs!)*

get reminded using the Discord event


On Twitch! https://www.twitch.tv/JackPikatea

Time Amounts

Add time to the total amount I'll be streaming by doing the following

  • T1 Subs adds 3 mins
  • T2 Subs adds 5 mins
  • T3 Subs adds 8 mins
  • Gifted Subs add 3 mins
  • 100 bits add 30 seconds
  • Followers add 15 seconds
  • every $10 USD on the Pikatea store adds 3 min
    • This is only automatically calculated at approx. Midnight CST and only then. It's a nature of the order system we have.

*soft cap of 48 hours.

More Details

Every subscriber gets printed out on a very large receipt and is stapled to a board for all to see! 

After orders get processed at midnight, I'll be assembling all the orders from the day before on stream. Each order also gets a Pikatea sticker until we run out.

Sub Goals

  • 9 Subs - Macropad giveaway
  • 17 Subs - switch to scuffed mouse
  • 26 Subs - desk mat giveaway 1
  • 35 Subs - shop discount code - JACKPIKATEA for 20% off
  • 43 Subs - shop tour
  • 52 Subs - revel secret keyboard project (slide)
  • 61 Subs - story time!
  • 70 Subs - KP69 Prototype giveaway
  • 78 Subs - make a Twitch emote
  • 87 Subs - desk mat giveaway 2
  • 96 Subs - New sub wall
  • 104 Subs - Macropad giveaway without pinging the Discord/socials
  • 113 Subs - receipt paper keycap set
  • 122 Subs - every chat gets printed out on an individual receipt
  • 130 Subs - chat goes back to normal
  • 139 Subs - FinnGus cat keyboard giveaway
  • 148 Subs - text an appropriate message to my Dad with no context
  • 157 Subs - R26 Macropad giveaway
  • 165 Subs - write a message in sharpie on my arm
  • 174 Subs - desk mat giveaway 3
  • 183 Subs - Pikatea Macropad Custom giveaway
  • 191 Subs - giant cookie sandwich giveaway
  • 200 Subs - sub only macropad giveaway
  • 350 Subs - fully release a secret macropad project/product (r)

The list of Stuff we are doing!

  • Giveaways
  • Macropad assembly x2
  • keyboard assemblies (FinnGus x2, Funky60, KP69 proto)
  • GB/IC review
  • R26 Led kit
  • Fill Alu 60% case with Silicone
  • Build a wireless bigswitch controller
  • Ultimate Chicken Horse
  • Rocket League (April 29th - 9pm)
  • design, print and giveaway a knob of chats choice
  • design a PCB for funky60
  • The Lab VR
  • Paintball VR
  • Half-Life Alyx VR
  • rebuild the Lego spaceship
  • Nintendo Ring Fit Adventure
  • speed run Macropad assembly
  • Lego Star Wars
  • Discussion with CustomNiches on printers and keyboards (April 30th - 10am)
  • explore a city/plan a real trip
  • design a keyboard from scratch
  • chat with a fellow keyboard streamer
  • take a nap
  • Jack-box with friends (Fibbage 3)
  • Design/Print/Assemble and giveaway 2x sized Macropad
  • Receipt paper keycap set
  • Make a motorcycle Macropad
  • Phasmaphobia VR
  • Vampire Survivors
  • Pain 27 Keyboard build

How to use the Receipt printer on stream

Print whatever you want on my receipt printer while I'm on stream! 

Use the command "!print {with your message here}" to print something in small text. Use the command "!printable" to get a list of all the special characters that can be printed. 

Every 1 Bits/Cheers can be used to print a character/letter in SUPER DUPER large text. For example "Cheer33 a message 33 letters long" would print out "a message 33 letters long" in SUPER DUPER large text or "Cheer200 a little longer message that is probably about 200 letters" would print out "a little longer message that is probably about 200 letters"

We've got about 2.36 miles of receipt paper print away!!!!