Pikatea Macropad GB4

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November 2022

An out of the way, but easily accessible macropad - The perfect macropad for any setup.

Programmable Macros

  • Control your music with play/pause, seek/skip actions
  • Activate your screenshot tool
  • Start or stop your recording program
  • Control the volume of programs independently
  • Control your streaming application, change scenes, mute your microphone, toggle an overlay (OBS, Streamlabs, etc)
  • Mute yourself in a video conference
  • Adjust the computer volume with the knob
  • Switch your computer sound from speakers to headphones
  • Type out a phrase like a street address or a commonly used email reply
  • Type out an emoji or emote

Many more examples in the user guide on using your macropad to the fullest.

Programmable RGB

Configure each individual RGB light to function how you like. It's as simple as changing the settings in the software. 8+ predefined RGB modes are included but making your own is an option too!

Use the LEDs to represent what "layer" you are currently on.

Make a Mix with Midi

Turn your device into a Midi controller and control the audio level of individual programs. Just press a button and turn the knob.

Midi is a powerful protocol and many other applications support it. Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Lightroom, audio software, Adobe Premiere.

The gif shows our Macropad R26 but the concept is the same!

Easy to Program

The programming is easy thanks to an open source program called VIAL. The interface is easy to use. It lets you control the action of each button press and knob to do whatever you like instantly without flashing new firmware or doing anything complicated.

Vial can run in the browser too if you are unable to download software.

More information on VIAL can be found here. QMK code and VIA firmware is also available to download

Configured How You Like

Choose a configuration that works for you! Here are some examples.

Powder-coated Steel Textured White Plate, Pac-Man Keycaps, Delicious Sandwich Cookie Knob


Powder-coated Steel Textured Black Plate, Black Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Matte Black Knob


Powder-coated Steel Textured White Plate, Pink Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Silver Knob


3D Printed White Plate, White Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Glossy Black Knob


Powder-coated Steel Textured Black Plate, Black Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Matte Black Knob


3D Printed White Plate, Cyan Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Silver Knob


Powder-coated Steel Textured White Plate, Clear Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Silver Knob


Powder-coated Steel Textured Black Plate, White Keycaps, Anodized Aluminum Grey Knob


Powder-coated Steel Textured White Plate, White Keycaps, Large Minty Sandwich Cookie Knob


Anodized Aluminum Knobs: Grey, Silver, Matte Black, Glossy Black


Anodized Aluminum Knobs: Yellow, Red, Blue

More Details

  • Supports Windows, Mac and Linux
  • User guide is available here
  • hot-swappable with mil-max sockets (The top plate can be exchanged easily with hot-swappable sockets)
  • USB Mini (cable included)
  • 2 adhesive strips and 2 screws are provided for mounting
  • QMK, VIA, and VIAL compatible
  • backside cover included
  • 3 key width: 138mm. 5 key width: 157mm. 7 key width: 176mm

Production Timeline

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