Exciting stuff this month! We finally got around the launching the R26 Desktop Macropad. It's a desktop macropad that has a shard or flat printed case. 

People have also started getting their FinnGus boards and putting them together. Marcia from Apiary Keyboards built hers on stream! 

The garage/shop is finally warm enough that I don't have to be wearing a coat all day! I'm so excited to not be freezing all the time :)


KP69 Keyboard

With the R26 Macropad out of the way, we are beginning to focus on the KP69 Keyboard. Everything has been tested. We just have to put it all together and launch the board. We plan on launching in about a month or 2. Dis from Twitch will be building a KP69 this Sunday. 

Parametric Macropads

I teamed up with Griffin to build a parametric macropad generator. Do you want 4 knobs and one button? sure! Do you want 4 buttons, 1 knob, another 2 buttons and another knob? sure! It's parametric so you can define exactly what the macropad is. I plan on having this available to buy on the website when it's all ready to go



Sad News

Rising costs of PCBs

Sadly the costs of PCBs is going up and it's going up a lot more than what I or my customers like. I'll have to increase my prices soon and start doing more legwork when it comes to fully assembled PCBs. Right now a GB4 PCB is quoted at 13 dollars! The last GB3 PCBs I ordered where only 7 dollars. There really isn't any way around this issue. For the R26, I'll be assembling them myself using through hole components for now to save money.

The Stream!

The stream has been going very well and as always I've been having so much fun! You all make me so happy :) We stream every Tuesday at Noon CST

Give us a follow if you'd like https://twitch.tv/JackPikatea


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