The first month of the year went by so fast! We were able to get tons more orders out than last month! We started shipping FinnGus boards and organized the shop some more. This month, we were able to finish up some projects without starting too many more, which is a win!


Inventory Manager Machine - Complete!

Last month, I talked about the Inventory Manager Machine. We have it up and running and it's working really really well. This machine keeps track of internal inventory automatically and prints off assembly labels and receipts daily. That way I don't have to worry about what to make...only that I make it! It speeds up production a lot and that's an understatement. 

Better Handwire Helpers - On delay

I mentioned I'll be putting the handwire helpers on the store but for now we are going to wait on it. We have a lot going on and it's not a major focus. 


The parts I need are here and it's time to put together prototypes! Everything on it's own is working so let's hope that it all works together!


The FinnGus group buy is going well just like last month. We shipped out the first 7 orders. We are continuing to print more and get them shipped out!

Streaming Updates

 We've gained a lot of followers and I've enjoyed streaming with all of you. I'm getting more and more macropad orders which means more and more content. I've also done a lot of fun stuff with the receipt printer. Y'all keep me busy!

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