This is the first of a series of updates we plan on putting out every month just to keep everyone in the loop.



We've started a cat shaped keyboard project call the "FinnGus" named after both my cats, Finn and Gus. It's a modified alice layout keyboard with an arrow cluster and macro section. It's also got a knob! The picture shown is a rough prototype and shows several errors but we are hoping to print out another prototype soon. I've been using it for about 2 weeks now and I have to say I really like it. It's got a built in wrist rest and the alice layout is very nice. 

All in all, we hope to have this on our store in the next month or so.

Better handwire helpers

I've designed some better handwire helpers. If you are familiar with handwiring a keyboard, you'll know it can be tedious to not get the rows and columns to touch. You have to us wire insulation or some other method. these handwire helpers make it so the general process is the same but when routing the columns, you can use bare wire. 

Product Updates


We are so happy with the feedback we've gotten from the KP69.

The KP69 group buy launched a little bit ago and so far it's going well but maybe not as well as we expected. If we don't hit MOQ I'll make some design changes so that the MOQ is lower and those that want the board will have the chance to get it. 

If you've ordered on, watch your email for more specific updates!


This is a mix of GB3 and GB2 parts. It functions like a GB3 but has GB2 circuits. We sold these at a discount to get rid of the "old" inventory. It's been sitting on my shelf for a while.


We finally added the option to make your macropad hotswappable with mil-max sockets! We've also finally added a printed back cover which has been requested for a while.

Streaming Updates

We've starting streaming the assembly process of most products. It's been so much fun interacting with the community. So far we've been streaming twice a week for 3 weeks. 

I've noticed that assembling macropads is not always the most entertaining so I'm hoping to have a regular sub-schedule of more interesting content. Something like doing a giveaway at the beginning of each month and building a new keyboard at the end of each month. Something to break up the monotony of the streams. If you've got suggestions, I'm all ears. 

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Plans for Moving Forward

Docs/guides Page

We currently have our guides listed on but we would like to move to a platform that using github so that members of the community can contribute to it. Lots of times we share tips and tricks on discord and I would love to just have that hosted on the guides. So far we've got a preliminary docs page which is at that we plan on moving to. The goal is to get everything transitioned from the existing guides page to the new docs page soon/in the next month.


We plan on making some serious headway with the FinnGus we mentioned earlier. From what we've heard, lots of people like it and want one!

Site and product additions

We have a few more products that need to be added to the store.

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