This month has been super great! We've gotten a lot of orders because of the holidays and so far we've been able to keep up. The garage has started to get a little colder but that's not going to stop us.


Better handwire helpers

I've done some redesigning of the handwire helpers and they are on their way to me. I'll be testing them soon with a handwired KP69 prototype build when I get them. 

I'm hoping to have them available on the store in January


We cancelled the KP69 group buy because we did not reach MOQ. We decided to make a few design changes to make the board more appealing to wider group of people. I've got the parts for these changes ordered and I'll be testing everything as soon as they arrive!


Streaming Updates

We've starting streaming the assembly process of most products. It's been so much fun interacting with the community. We've done lots of giveaways too!

Last month I talked about what to do to break up the some times repetitiveness of building macropads so I'm beginning to plan for a 24hr charity stream. I think it will be lots of fun and we can raise lots of money for a great cause. 

Give us a follow if you'd like

Plans for Moving Forward


We've ended the group buy and have started ordering the parts! everything related to it is going great! check your email with more details if you have ordered.

Site and product additions

We have a few more products that need to be added to the store.

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