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Designed to mount to the underside of a desk or monitor. It's more than a normal macropad with these additional features.

  • PROGRAMMABLE WITHOUT SOFTWARE - Includes an SD card that has a config/text file. The config file can be edited with any text editing software to customize hotkeys and other features/actions. No firmware flashing or complicated software is necessary to change what the buttons do.

  • HOTKEYS- Hotkeys are easy to specify in the config file on the SD card. Press one button to trigger multiple buttons! Handy for functions you do often in any program.

  • CHAIN COMMANDS - Multiple commands can be linked together to perform a series of actions to automate a task and do multiple things with just one button press.

  • LARGE KNOB - The Macropad features a large knob that can be used to adjust volume or perform other actions. The aluminum knobs are especially satisfying to rotate.

  • NO ADDED DESK CLUTTER - Since it's designed to mount (with included adhesive tape) to the underside of a desk or monitor, it's still in reach but also out of the way. Perfect for displaying artisan keycaps too!

  • SOLID STEEL PLATE - The plate is powder coated steel for a strong build and visual appeal. Or, go with a 3D printed plate to match your workspace color scheme!

  • 10 FUNCTIONS IN TOTAL - 5 short press actions, and 5 long press actions.

  • QMK/VIA SUPPORT - QMK and VIA is still supported but it requires a firmware flash. Precompiled firmware is available for this

  • FULL PLATFORM SUPPORT - Works on any platform that recognizes a standard keyboard (Windows, Mac and Linux).

  • deej SUPPORTED* - deej is an open-source hardware volume mixer for Windows and Linux PCs. Use the Pikatea Macropad to seamlessly control the volumes of different apps (such as your music player, the game you're playing and your voice chat session) without having to stop what you're doing.

Kits require soldering 

Please note the estimated shipping date. Macropads will not ship out until they are assembled. Any in-stock item (like extra knobs, keycaps, etc) purchased along side this item WILL NOT SHIP until this item ships.

*deej is a 3rd-Party application not maintained by Pikatea. Support cannot OFFICALLY be provided for deej related issues but we often still help.


Product Configuration Examples

Plate - Powder-coated Glossy Black
Knob - Aluminum Grey
Keycaps - Off White

Plate - Powder-coated Textured White
Knob - Aluminum Matte Black
Keycaps - Black

Plate - 3d Printed Sky Blue
Knob - Aluminum Matte Black
Keycaps - Black

Plate - Powder-coated Glossy Black
Knob - Aluminum Matte Black
Keycaps - Black

Plate - 3d Printed Orange
Knob - Aluminum Matte Black
Keycaps - Black

Plate - Powder-coated Glossy White
Knob - 3D Printed White
Keycaps - White

Plate - Powder-coated Glossy White
Knob - 3D Printed Purple
Keycaps - Purple

Anodized Aluminum Knobs in order from left to right
Grey, Silver, Matte Black, and Glossy Black

Plate - 3D Printed Sky Blue
Knob - 3D Printed Pink
Keycaps - Customers own keycaps

Plate - Powder-coated Glossy White
Knob - Aluminum Silver
Keycaps - Green

Plate - Powder-coated Textured Black
Knob - Aluminum Silver
Keycaps - Orange

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